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This is where a Vendor’s Shop Description is displayed, which shows on all of their Shop’s pages, and is highly customisable, with sub headings, text styles, colours, links and more..
A Shop is a Vendor’s own space on


Mack the Demo (example product)

£11.00 £9.00

A product short description is added here by the seller…

It will show any details the seller/vendor wants to provide about their product – and they can style the text with bold/italics and more.


Sold by John's Shop


Shop vendors can add audio tracks to their product page. For example, they might include a short sample of their track, like this…


Playlists are possible too… For instance, if they are selling an album and want to share a playlist of samples.
See an example product with a playlist added.

A Shop, and its individual product pages are very flexible, so it’s up to the seller how they present their items.

They might use some centred text…

bold, italic,


  • bulleted
  • lists

links… and so on. And more pictures if they like…

See other things that are possible on product pages in the other example products.

Any details at all can be shown by the Vendor here, their band, music group, business or organisation…

This area is also highly customisable.

This information is shown on every product in the Vendor’s Shop.