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Joanne O'Dowd

Here for sale are my latest songwriting tracks, experimental electronica productions, and also some vocal collaborations & remixes.

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Collaborations and Remixes

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Here is a selection of my Nottingham based joint projects…

  1. No Man’s Land – Victor Taylor & Joanne O’Dowd
  2. Chris Quadrant – Joanne O’Dowd – Cyberbabe Breathe (Chris Q Remix)
  3. Poetry in motion – Gary Marsden & Joanne O’Dowd
  4. Rock me therapeutic – Gary Marsden & Joanne O’Dowd
  5. Do it again – Lee Eden & Joanne O’Dowd


A few examples of Collaborations & Remixes made with Nottingham DJs and music producers.

I am a Nottingham based Singer Songwriter who has co-produced several studio albums. Currently performing live & collaborating with local producers, DJs, & musicians. I play acoustic guitar and keyboard while singing.